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Spanner Spencer

Games & Tech Writer, Online Community Manager

Yep, Spanner is my real first name. It’s a long, but regrettably uninteresting story. I’m a writer based in the north of England with a particular focus on games, tech, gadgets and entertainment.

Over the past 10 years I’ve worked both freelance and full-time for multiple game studios including EA, Chillingo, Bright Light Studios, Sony’s Evolution Studios, Fishlabs, Vivid Games, Tin Man Games, Dynamic Pixels, Tequila Mobile and more. 

My work has included a tenure as PocketGamer.co.uk’s news editor, online community manager at EA, establishing and running Eurogamer.net’s retro section (and contributing reviews and features to the main site), I write a monthly center spread for Mobile Choice Magazine, and I set-up, operate and maintain Samsung’s 100% Indie initiative’s website, online presence and social channels. 

A life-long gamer since before the Empire first struck back, I’ve owned and played the Philips Videopac G7000, ZX Spectrum, Commodore Amiga, Sega Mega Drive, all three PlayStations, the Xbox and Xbox 360, Wii, iPhone and iPad, Android, PC, DS and PSP. I’ve also built my own full-sized arcade machines from scratch, and have an embarrassingly large collection of retro game systems.


Online Community Management
Social Media
Narrative Design

My Services

Copy Writing

Engaging, informed and entertaining content for blogs, websites, in-game, in-app, point of sale, SEO and social media is essential. While I specialize in games, entertainment and tech content, my writing is adaptable, accurate and scalable for all purposes.

"All you need to know about Spanner is right in his name: he's practical, hard-working, and always at the ready. He's the go-to sort of individual that gets things done and is willing to put forth a range of ideas to that end." ~ Tracy Alan, Unity Games.

Online Community Management

My skills as an online community manager will help to establish you as a market leader through a strong and approachable online presence, lending an authoritative yet friendly voice that audiences, players, businesses and customers will connect with intimately.

"Spanner is 100% reliable and always comes up with the goods. He's witty and imaginative, and he knows how to choose the right cultural references for his audience. He's quick too, which is always a bonus." ~ Andrew Williams, IPC Media.


I'm obsessed with detail, so my editorial work is always highly accurate and precisely focused. I'm able to deliver your key messages with consistency and energy across multiple disciplines, without ever sacrificing integrity or entertainment value.

"I highly recommend working with Spanner to any game developers, publishers or other companies from the industry who are looking for professional marketing texts. He instantly understands the needs of his customers and is able to provide great quality on time. Working with him is fun, too, as he is a very friendly and responsive person." ~ Aleksander Zemke, Tequila Mobile.

Social Media

By aligning your social media campaigns with community management, editorial and content writing strategies your audience is fully catered for, and your messages are delivered effectively and to a targeted market. I'm experienced and ready to provide all social media content, including unique and specialist channels.

"Spanner is a quick, reliable, and highly entertaining writer with a remarkable name. He's versatile and accommodating, and a pleasure to work with both practically and personally." ~ Rob Hearn, PocketGamer editor.




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